Our Manifesto

Campaign is proud to launch the Creative Technology Awards for 2017.

The industry is being revolutionised to a large extent by the coming together of brave clients, smart creative thinkers and game-changing tech. These awards are designed to honour the successful collaborators, celebrate their amazing work, and thereby stimulate even more ingenious thinking right across the marketing, advertising and media industries.

 So, are you a creative technology pioneer? If so, please tell us your story.

  1. Celebrate and Reward. The Campaign Technology Awards exist to champion collaboration between brands and both the creative and  technology communities, and celebrate the outstanding work that this collaboration can often bring about. These awards will reward the disrupters and pioneers with the creative tech world, who are genuinely reshaping the industry.

  1. Educate. As well as celebrating outstanding work, the CTAs are committed to educating the whole industry about the success of the create brave pioneering partnerships who are making a difference. We will be presenting a deep analysis of the strategy behind each winning campaign through a live half-day event shortly after the awards evening, during which the brands, agencies and tech partners behind the winning work will take to the stage. We will also publish editorial content throughout the year that further highlights and examines the winning partnerships and strategies.

  1. Be Transparent. Our judging process will be open and honest. Our judges will be on stage during the course of the awards evening to discuss the decisions they took and their thoughts on the entire body of work they reviewed.

  1. Joy Not Duty. Attending the CTAs will not be a chore. By keeping the focus of the awards tight, and limited to 14 categories, the evening will be structured to allow for fun interaction with new technology, and more networking than usual.

  1. Collaboration is King. At the heart of the Campaign Technology Awards lies a desire to really showcase how technology can drive outstanding creativity, when brands, creatives and tech companies join forces. We believe the future lies in these partnerships.

So why enter?

  1. Winning a CTA gives you the chance to really showcase your work, influence clients  and position your company at the sharp end of the marketing revolution and share your learnings with the whole industry . All our winners will be invited to discuss their work on stage at a live event in front of their peers.  And yes, we’re sure the trophy will look lovely in your reception area too.

  1. If you’re a tech company, this is your chance to share in the glory given to the outstanding creativity you helped create. Steal a bit of the limelight back!

  1. Thinking of entering from an agency? Our categories are focused on the stuff that really matters to your clients. (And the ones you are hoping to engage in the future)

  1. We are committed to a open and transparent judging process and to giving judges’ feedback on entries received.  If it turns out not to be your year for winning, at least you won’t be left in the dark as to why.

  1. Our entry process is simple and entering won’t tie up your entire organisation for weeks on end.


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